students in women's studies class in discussion

About Our Programs

The Department of Women’s Studies offers students a course of study which explores traditional disciplines from the perspec-tive of women, develops innovative multidisciplinary approaches, stimulates scholarly research in areas relevant to women, and provides an open forum for the exchange of ideas among stu-dents, faculty, and community. We embrace an approach that highlights intersections of oppressions and spans the scale from local to global. The department further seeks to bridge theory and action in working toward a society free from privilege based on age, class, gender and gender identity, nation, physical condition, race, or sexual orientation. SDSU has offered courses in women’s studies since 1969 and has one of the strongest academic pro-grams in the nation.

A degree in women’s studies may be used as preparation for a wide range of careers. Professional opportunities exist in political and social agencies working with women and developing public policy on women’s issues such as health care, employment, family violence, and education. Women’s studies students prepare for careers in such fields as community organizing, education, jour-nalism, law, personnel, psychology, public administration, and social services. The skills that women’s studies majors develop in critical thinking and analysis are highly valued in many additional occupations and professions today. A women’s studies major may also go on to advanced academic work preparing for a career as a women’s studies scholar.

Many women’s studies majors plan double majors to enhance their career opportunities.

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