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Transnational Studies and Solidarity

Learn beyond borders.  Get a broader perspective.

Study Abroad

All Women's Studies majors are highly encouraged and typically required to complete either Women's Studies 598 (Internship) or satisfy an international educational experience. Given some students' ongoing need to socially distance and less opportunities available due to COVID-19, this is not required for all students graduating in December 2021, May 2022, and August 2022.

To browse the numerous other study abroad opportunities available at SDSU, visit Aztecs Abroad, the database of all pre-approved study abroad programs. From short-term, semester and yearlong study abroad programs, to international internships, service-learning or research opportunities, SDSU provides hundreds of options for students to incorporate an international experience into their SDSU experience.

Don’t miss out on the numerous study abroad scholarship opportunities available. Visit the CAL Study Abroad Scholarships page to learn about SDSU scholarships, as well as external scholarships and grants.

Classes with a transnational focus

  • WMNST 310 Global Cultures and Women’s Lives
  • WMNST 331 Women in Asian Societies
  • WMNST 340 History of Women and Sexuality in Modern Europe
  • WMNST 512 Latinas in the Americas
  • WMNST 560 Women in Muslim Societies
  • WMNST 570 Gender, War and Peace
  • WMNST 580 Women, Development, and the Global Economy
  • WMNST 581 Women’s Experiences of Migration
  • WMNST 609 Transnational Issues and Gender
  • WMNST 611 Gender and Diaspora

Faculty Research Projects

  • Anne Donadey -- The Algerian War in French Film 
  • Anh Hua -- Diasporic and Postcolonial Women’s Arts.
  • Huma Ghosh -- Lesbians in the Muslim World
  • Amira Jarmakani -- Comparative Orientalisms in the Americas

Recent MA Theses