Angela D. Coker, Associate Professor

Angela D. CokerOffice: AL 317 | Phone: (619) 594-1025 | Email: [email protected]

Angela D. Coker, Ph.D., LPCC, NCC, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Women’s Studies at San Diego State University. She is a practicing LPCC in California, and an LPC in Missouri. Dr. Coker is current President of the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development, and a longtime active member of the American Counseling Association, member of the American Psychological Association, and National Women’s Studies Association.  She currently serves on the Board of Directors at the Women’s Museum of California.

Dr. Coker has held academic appointments at The University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL), Johns Hopkins University, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Eastern Illinois University. For over twenty years her career has focused on training professional counselors, teaching about cultural diversity, and advocating for social justice initiatives. Her scholarly activities include an examination of women’s personal, career, and academic development. She is the author of numerous articles and book chapters, including over 100 professional conference presentations. She is the co-editor of Experiential Activities for Teaching Multicultural Competence in Counseling (Pope, Pangelinan, & Coker, 2011), a teaching resource designed to enhance cultural competency.  Her current work explores the nexus between Black feminism, women’s self-care/wellness, and personal development.

Internationally, Dr. Coker has been a Fulbright-Hays scholar who examined cultural diversity and racial identity in Brazil. While on sabbatical she also taught in the Department of Educational Foundations at the University of Botswana and conducted research on how indigenous cultural traditions inform the practice of counseling locally. She also provided professional development training for UNICEF staff (Botswana), in addition to community outreach to homeless shelters in Windhoek, Namibia and Nairobi, Kenya. Dr. Coker also served as a Visiting Scholar in the Women's and Gender Studies Department at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa.  She held the title of Fellow in the Office of International Studies and Programs at UMSL, and Ambassador for the International Registry of Counsellor Education Programs.

Dr. Coker is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Group Work Practice Award from ASGW, Outstanding Professional Teaching Award from the North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NCACES), and the Women’s Trailblazer Award.

  • WMNST 336: Women of Color in the US
  • WMNST 522: Women, Madness, and Sanity
  • WMNST 536: Gender, Race, and Class
  • WMNST 585: Feminist Organizations and Activism 


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