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Women's Studies: Pioneering in Scholarship, Activism, and Internationalization since 1970

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Women in a Global World

From its earliest days, the San Diego State University Department of Women's Studies has had an interest in the situation of women in other countries. Faculty have consistently offered courses, conducted travel/study groups, developed exchanges, and attended transnational conferences. Courses such as Women in Literature and Women Writers include works by women from around the world.


Today, graduate students may choose a formal international emphasis. Undergraduates are encouraged to select courses with a central focus on women in other societies, selecting from an array of courses:

  • WMNST 310 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • WMNST 331 Women in Asian Societies
  • WMNST340 Women in Modern European History
  • WMNST 512 Latinas in the Americas
  • WMNST 530 Women's Movements and Activism
  • WMNST 560 Women in Muslim Societies
  • WMNST 570 Gender, War, and Peace
  • WMNST 580 Women, Development and the Global Economy
  • WMNST 581 Women's Experiences of Migration
  • WMNST 611 Gender and Diaspora

Transnational perspectives are offered in nearly all of our additional courses on the 500 and 600 level


All Women's Studies students are encouraged to participate in programs in other countries. Among the countries where our students have studied and work are China, India, Turkey, South Africa, Ghana, Ireland, Sweden, Mexico, and Costa Rica. For information on upcoming opportunities, contact Professors Ghosh and Mattingly.

Jamaica-- Gender in the Caribbean: Colonialism to the Present
May 18-27, 2014

Application Deadline: March 15

Join us for 10 days of intensive study and travel in Jamaica. We will study with Jamaican Women’s Studies and LGBT professors and visit women's NGOs and the LGBT Center in Kingston. The group will also visit the great sites of Jamaica. SDSU Professor will lead the trip. The course is open to ALL SDSU undergraduate and graduate students, as well as community members. Students will receive 1-3 units of graduate or undergraduate credit for the course.

View the flyer (.pdf)

Information Meeting: Wed. Feb. 12, 3:00-5.00pm in AL 346

Contact information: Huma Ahmed Ghosh:

Note: If you are unable to attend the information meeting, please contact Dr. Ghosh


Research and Collaboration

Faculty and student research projects are global in range, including work on women in Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, China, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Algeria, Morocco, Israel, Palestine, Australia, Ireland, U.K., and international communities in the U.S. SDSU has had cooperative arrangements with universities around the world, including Beijing University and Szechuan University in Chengdu, China; Krishnammal College and Kanodia College in India, and Orebro University in Sweden.

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